7 - Product Management

Al and Andrew talk about how we deal with managing products, how they are built, who decides what happens, and priorities.

6 - Developer Onboarding

Al and Andrew talk about developer onboarding. How do you onboard new developers and ensure they get to know the systems/processes?

5 - Remote Working

Al and Andrew talk about remote working. Is remote better than co-located, and how do you make communication work?

4 - Coding Styles

Al and Andrew talk about coding styles. Are they useful, do they enforce them, what tools do they use, and what coding styles do they use?

3 - Agile Development

Al and Andrew talk about agile development. Their opinions on whether it is useful, and if so...the best ways to do it.

2 - Testing

Al and Andrew talk about testing. What is it, why is it useful, who should do it, etc...

1 - Continuous Integration

Al and Andrew introduce themselves, and talk about continuous integration. What's good about it, why is it difficult, etc...

0 - Coming Soon

Podcast Driven Development is a podcast about things developers do, that aren't the code.